It’s a Christmas miracle. Charleston Americana rock band Susto has released a brand-new song in time for the holidays. “Homeboy,” from the band’s upcoming 2019 album “Ever Since I Lost My Mind,” debuted Friday with a lyrical video.

The song has a more groovy, vivacious rock vibe compared to past soft Americana, grungy blues and atmospheric psychedelic soundscapes by the Holy City outfit. 

This album is a follow-up to the local group’s sophomore record, ”& I’m Fine Today,” which came out in January 2017. The disc propelled the band forward in the music industry, leading to national and international tours.

Susto recently signed with Rounder Records, the same label that boasts country, bluegrass and Americana music stalwarts such as Alison Krauss, Steve Martin and Bela Fleck.  

The 2019 album will not include former guitarist and keyboard player Corey Campbell and bassist Jenna Desmond, who have since left the band to pursue their own project, Babe Club

Since the duo’s departure, lead singer and songwriter Justin Osborne has been touring solo in a more intimate, stripped-down style that he’s dubbed “Susto Stories.”

“In the early days of Susto, I was touring almost completely solo, and the shows had a vibe that was very personal,” Osborne says. “There was an environment that encouraged me to tell the stories behind my songs. This tour is meant to … re-create that atmosphere I used to love so much, that intimacy with the audience.”