Smithwick’s Music Trail

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7:30pm Joey Landreth Billy Byrnes €15
9:00pm The Accidentals Ryans Bar €15
10:00pm Trad Session Bollards Free
10:00pm Loudest Whisper Kilford Arms Free
10:00pm Backyard Band Langtons Free
10:00pm Psychedelic Pill Paris Texas Free
10:00pm Delta Dogs The Pumphouse Free
10:00pm Bobbie Carey Trio The Marble City Free
10:00pm Jezzebelle Rafter Dempseys Free
10:30pm William The Conqueror Cleeres Bar & Theatre SOLD OUT
10:30pm Skinny Elvis The Left Bank Free
11:00pm TV Jones & The Tomahawks Ryan’s Bar Free

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1:00pm River Whyless Cleeres Bar & Theatre SOLD OUT
3:00pm Jason Lytle Set Theatre €20
3:00pm Michael McDermott Ryans Bar €15
3:00pm Jezzebelle Brogans Free
4:00pm Isolated Frequency Biddy Early’s Free
4:00pm Two Time Polka The Left Bank Free
4:45pm TV Jones & The Tomahawks Ryan’s Bar Free
5:00pm The Accidentals Kytelers Inn €15
5:00pm Psychedelic Pill Langtons Free
5:00pm Fenton & The Phantoms Lanigans Free
6:00pm Joey Landreth Billy Byrnes €15
6:00pm Villiers and The Villains Christys Free
6:00pm Niall Toner Band Syd Harkins Free
7:00pm William The Conqueror Ryans Bar SOLD OUT
8:30pm The Buddies The Playwright Free
8:45pm Tony McLoughlin Band Ryan’s Bar Free
9:00pm Susto Kytelers Inn €15
9:00pm The Delines Cleeres Bar & Theatre SOLD OUT
9:00pm Pump The Jam Brogans Bar Free
9:30pm Acoustic Session Bollards Free
10:00pm Ben Reel Billy Byrnes Free
10:00pm Woodbine The Clubhouse Free
10:00pm Villiers and The Villains Kilford Arms Free
10:00pm Loudest Whisper O’Gormans Free
10:00pm Delta Dogs Paris Texas Free
10:00pm Niall Toner Band Pembroke Hotel Free
10:00pm Deadbeatz The Pumphouse Free
10:00pm Two Time Polka Rafter Dempseys Free
10:00pm Jezzebelle The Front Room Free
10:00pm Backyard Band The Left Bank Free
10:30pm Alejandro Escovedo Band with Don Antonio Set Theatre €20
11:00pm Psychedelic Pill Cleere’s Free
11:00pm Fenton & The Phantoms Kytelers Inn Free
11:00pm Isolated Frequency Ryan’s Bar Free

[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”Sunday 5th May” tab_id=”1490629858513-16c82c34-d65b”][vc_column_text]

1:00pm River Whyless Cleeres Bar & Theatre €15
2:00pm Dori Freeman Ryans Bar €15
2:00pm The Needables The Playwright Free
3:00pm The Delines Set Theatre SOLD OUT
3:00pm Beef Supreme Brogans Free
3:00pm Psychedelic Pill Billy Byrne’s Free
4:00pm Turquoise Orange Biddy Early’s Free
4:00pm Deadbeatz Cleere’s Free
4:00pm Villiers and The Villains The Pumphouse Free
4:00pm Desert Aces The Front Room Free
4:00pm Isolated Frequency The Left Bank Free
4:30pm Delta Dogs Ryan’s Bar Free
5:00pm William The Conqueror Billy Byrnes €15
5:00pm Shadow Shakers Langtons Free
5:00pm One Horse Pony Lanigans Free
6:00pm Fenton & The Phantoms Christys Free
6:00pm Loudest Whisper Syd Harkins Free
7:00pm Michael McDermott Cleeres Bar & Theatre €15
7:00pm Patty Griffin Watergate Theatre SOLD OUT
7:00pm Broken Spokes Ryan’s Bar Free
8:45pm Villiers and The Villains Ryan’s Bar Free
9:00pm Susto Kytelers Inn €15
10:00pm Beef Supreme Bollards Free
10:00pm Isolated Frequency The Clubhouse Free
10:00pm Bobbie Carey Trio Hotel Kilkenny Free
10:00pm The Tomcats Kilford Arms Free
10:00pm Delta Dogs Matt The Millers Free
10:00pm Jezzebelle O’Gormans Free
10:00pm The Needables The Ormonde Hotel Free
10:00pm The Savage Jim Breen Paris Texas Free
10:00pm Desert Aces Pembroke Hotel Free
10:00pm Turquoise Orange The Pumphouse Free
10:00pm One Horse Pony Rafter Dempseys Free
10:00Pm Woodbine Springhill Court Hotel Free
10:00pm Shadow Shakers The Left Bank Free
10:30pm The Sadies Set Theatre €20
10:30pm Deadbeatz Billy Byrne’s Free
10:30pm Stephen Gormley The Marble City Free
11:00pm Fenton & The Phantoms Cleere’s Free
11:00pm Psychedelic Pill Kytelers Inn Free
11:00pm Ben Reel Ryan’s Bar Free

[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”Monday 6th May” tab_id=”1490629939721-57d8c675-ea1e”][vc_column_text]

1:00pm Dori Freeman The Pumphouse SOLD OUT
3:00pm The Savage Jim Breen Rafter Dempseys Free
3:00pm Loudest Whisper The Ormonde Hotel Free
4:00pm I Draw Slow Cleeres Bar & Theatre €15
4:00pm Deep Down Detox Ryan’s Bar Free
7:30pm Dori Freeman Cleeres Bar & Theatre €15
7:30pm Barflies Ryan’s Bar Free
9:00pm The Sadies Kytelers Inn €15


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