Sunday School Sessions

The Sunday School Sessions is a new music collective, gathering together members of Hidden Highways, The Ambience Affair, Master & Dog and The Crayon Set. New original songs are mixed with some very old tunes and some contemporary songs get the old-time treatment.

Daddy Long Legs

Daddy Long Legs derives its moniker from its harmonica-blastin’ frontman. The  trio has taken the music scene by storm, with alarms sounding throughout the American East Coast and reverberating across the globe, as they cut  directly into the meat of real music—from the hip and to the heart.

The Rails

English singer-songwriter duo Kami Thompson and James Walbourne have reached deep into their rich musical histories to concoct the kind of sharp, true folk rock blend rarely heard since the Seventies. The Rails debut album Fair Warning is a little wonder, packed with traditional and original songs that stand outside of time yet resonate with […]

Sons of Bill

What makes Sons of Bill so great is their ability to be so unabashedly at home with themselves in a time when some roots bands feel like they are trying a little bit too hard, and rock and roll bands are starting to feel desperately over-conceptualized. Maybe that’s part of playing music with your brothers: […]