Jim White

There’s no show like a Jim White show, former comedian, fashion model, boxer, preacher, professional surfer and New York cab driver. His live shows have been described as off-beat, blending his playlist with open discussion with the audience and anecdotes derived from his own life experiences, all of which is typically humorous and insightful. “Jim […]

Luke Doucet and The White Falcon

Former guitarist with Sarah McLachlan and Juno award winner in Canada, Luke Doucet released his second album with The White Falcon in 2008. “Doucet is a terrific guitarist, as fluid and as melodic as Mark Knopfler back in the day; but he’s a proper songwriter, too.” Nick Hornby “Evocative and quite fearless guitar work that […]

Peter Broderick

 In 2007 Peter joined Danish experimental rock group Efterklang as its violinist. Earlier this year, he released his gorgeous, full-length debut, Float, comprised of string and piano compositions. But his new sophomore album, Home, takes Broderick’s music in a new direction. He’s given up the piano and violin on Float for soothing acoustic guitar and ethereal folk melodies. “This is a […]

Devon Sproule

Sproule’s music shares elements of folk, country, and jazz, delivered in an affecting, personal style. Devon has just released her third album, ¡Soy Saint George!, following on the success of Keep Your Silver Shined in 2008.  “Keep Your Silver Shined is one of the most fetching roots records to come down the pike in quite some time.” – Philadelphia […]

Caroline Herring

Caroline Herring took a break from her music career to raise a family, but returned with an acclaimed new album, Lantana”, in 2008. “When a release gets this good, words have a tendency to become superfluous. Herring’s antecedents lie in bluegrass, and her vision has been termed American Gothic but neither term gives her what she’s […]

Melissa McClelland

This is a lady with a sound which is actually quite diverse. She has stories to tell and messages to get across, and often that is accomplished in darker tones. Yes there are pop overtones, you can also hear elements of country, blues and even a hint or two of jazz. although lyrically it is more akin […]

Liz Durrett

Liz Durrett  is a gifted singer-songwriter with an unforgettable voice. This year, she released her third and most fully realized solo album to date: Outside Our Gates, a searing but gorgeous collection of spare, Southern Gothic folk songs about tortured dreams, loss and longing. It’s the singer’s most upbeat, hopeful and ambitious album so far. “Durrett produces […]

The Jim Jones Revue

Described as sounding like a car crash between Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis. The ‘Revue play supercharged rock’n’roll. The Jim Jones Revue strip rock’n’roll back to its essential elements and their debut album is a celebration of no holds barred full on rocking. “If Little Richard had written this, he’d still be boasting about it today.” Four […]

Hillbilly Casino

To The Hillbilly Casino there are the obvious masters, Johnny Cash, Elvis, Brian Setzer/Stray Cats, Chuck Berry, Carl Perkins. Yet don’t be surprised to hear some Social Distortion, Ramones, Hank Williams, Black Sabbath, George Jones, Jason and the Scorchers and Cheap Trick thrown in for good measure. The band consists of singer Nic Roulette (Blue […]