Guy Davis

Guy Davis is a bluesman like no other. He has dedicated himself to reviving the traditions of acoustic blues, yet is not afraid to stretch the limits of the blues, and reach out to audiences. His performance as legendary blues player Robert Johnson in Robert Johnson: Trick the Devil, not only received rave reviews, but earned […]

Peter Bruntnell

He has been described as Britain’s greatest songwriters. His album Normal for Bridgewater has guest appearances from member of alt. country favourites Son Volt and Uncut magazine described Normal for Bridgewater as a most satisfying vehicle for his gentle, smoky voice and literate, crafted songs.

Juliet Turner

Home-grown talent, a singer with a big future ahead of her. She is one of the most talented songwriters to emerge in recent years from Ireland. Her single Take the Money And Run will be released in April with the album Burn The Black Suit following in May.

John Stewart

From the  folk/pop Kingston Trio in the 60s to his current cult status, John Stewart has been at the forefront of the West Coast folk boom. Writer of Daydream Believer, a hit for the Monkees.  He  has returned to the public eye in recent years touring with Nanci Griffith. His Nashville recorded album California Bloodlines was chosen by Rolling Stone as […]

Stacey Earle

With a new album coming out on E-squared Records  in May entitled Dance With Them That Brung Me, Stacey is set to make an impact on the roots scene. Her debut album, Simple Gearle,  is both stark and honest. Her songs are thoughtful and beautifully crafted. Reminiscent of early Nanci Griffith, Stacey should expect a warm welcome at Kilkenny.

Adam Snyder

All the way from Kingston, New York, the charming Mercury Rev pianner dude revealed his secret life as an engaging American folk story-teller. Driving songs, campfire sketches, teenage snapshots, each one personable and fuzzy,caught somewhere between Jonathan Richman and Neil Young. –  Melody Maker

Holmes Brothers

Soul, gospel, blues, R &B and country gel together in it’s finest incarnation from the Holmes Brothers. With their three part harmonies, the Brothers music brings a new vitality and energy to gospel flavoured R & B. Amen, Can I get a witness?

Giant Sand

Giant Sand is the primary outlet for the stylistic curveballs and sun damaged song-craft of Howe Gelb. Howe Gelb is the one constant in a revolving cast of players in Giant Sand. It’s improvisational music, moody, creative and evocative.

The Derailers

Bakersfield honky tonk meets the British invasion is one way to describe the Derailers. One of the highlights of the Kilkenny Rhythm n’ Roots Weekend, they have an uncompromised approach to country music and are innovative purveyors of 100% country music. The sound of the Derailers – straight outta Texas.


Odetta is the Queen of American Folk Music and an acknowledged influence on artists as diverse as Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Joan Armatrading and Janis Joplin. In the 60s, Odetta was a major voice in America’s Civil Rights Movement, marching with Dr. King in Selmaand performing for John F. Kennedy. She is a  legendary singer and performer, she […]