The Waifs

The Waifs have been doing their thing for a decade now, and it finally looks like the big time is beckoning for the Australian trio.  The group is known for story songs, folksy acoustic arrangements and easy-swing vocal harmonies, they opened for Bob Dylan on his recent tour. (AUS)

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Patrick Street

Kevin Burke, Andy Irvine, Jackie Daly, John Carty and Ged Foley – collectively known as Patrick Street- are known throughout the Irish music world as five of its most brilliant players. On a repertoire steeped in traditional music, the band’s tightly executed arrangements and unparalleled musicianship know no equal. (IRE)

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Ray LaMontagne

The story goes that Ray was a recluse living in a log cabin in Maine when he underwent a sudden conversion to music. He has been compared to both Van Morrison and Al Green and is well on the way to becoming a legend. He is a natural-born songwriter who seems to have fallen out of the

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Th’ Legendary Shack * Shakers

The ultimate in demented moonshine-fueled cowpunk.. Think of a hillbilly Ramones, with manic frontman Colonel JD Wilkes leading his band on an inspired trip into trailer-trash punky tonk hell.  The Colonel  has been called “the last great rock ‘n’ roll front man”  by the Dead Kennedys’ Jello Biafra. Th’ legendary Shack * Shakers started their hell-for-leather Penta-caustic roadshow

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Son Volt

Son Volt is Jay Farrar’s popular rock band persona.. “Son Volt represent a certain spirit of songwriting with an emphasis on trying to capture what four musicians playing together can do,” says Jay. He started Son Volt in 1994 after quitting his previous band, the highly regarded folk-punk band Uncle Tupelo. Ask anyone who was

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