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Molly Tuttle

A virtuoso multi-instrumentalist and award winning songwriter with a distinctive voice, Molly has turned the heads of even the most seasoned industry professionals. She began performing on stage when she was 11, and recorded her first album, The Old Apple Tree, at age 13. Since then, she’s appeared on A Prairie Home Companion and at

Bennett Wilson Poole

A colourful, magical, cosmic English music conjured in rural Oxfordshire by an exceptional trio whose multi-faceted creative capabilities and personalities are alchemised into a majestic whole. Danny Wilson (Danny And The Champions Of The World, Grand Drive), and Robin Bennett (The Dreaming Spires, Saint Etienne) join forces with Tony Poole (Starry Eyed and Laughing), producer

Rachel Baiman

In many ways, Shame, the new album from 27-year-old Nashville Americana songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Rachel Baiman, is an exploration of growing up female in America. “I wasn’t necessarily trying to write songs that would be easy to listen to,” Baiman says of the project, “I wanted to write about reality, in all of it’s terror

Hillbilly Casino

In a town known more for generating pop country ‘hat acts’ and contemporary Christian music, there is a storm brewing. Small independent bands with no management, booking, record labels (or even local media support) are changing the way people think about Nashville Tennessee. Now they’ve got three full length CD’s under their belt. ‘Sucker Punched’,

Peter Oren

Indiana-born, everywhere-based singer-songwriter Peter Oren possesses a remarkable singing voice, low and deep and richly textured: as solid as a glacier, as big as a mountain. Similar in its baritone gravel to Bill Callahan, a hero of his, it rumbles in your conscience, a righteous sound that marks him as an artist for our tumultuous

Michael Nau

Michael Nau has been the frontman for Page France and Cotton Jones. On his solo debut, he displays his penchant for uplift: Sumptuously warm, the set feels invitingly casual, loose-strung, and slightly accidental, a collection of messy indie-rock demos that he fleshes out into surprising songs. From the pastel indie pop of Page France to

The Deep Dark Woods

Floods and plagues, ghosts and slaughter: woe to those who populate the songs of The Deep Dark Woods’ new album Yarrow. A gentle summer breeze swings the gallows ropes, flowers bloom callously on lovers’ graves. These anthems are definitely not from Eden. In Yarrow, there’s a juicy unease to frontman Boldt’s presence, as if a

Prinz Grizzley

Prinz Grizzley dug down in the rich grits of good ol 'country, folk and blues.The more he dug, the more he returned, back home to rural feelings that bound him to his roots in western Austria.Surrounded by rugged wild country, with God-loving, hardworking folk, who are living in the country and who are looking for

Whitney Rose

Whitney Rose is a Canadian singer and songwriter who describes her sound as "vintage-pop-infused neo-traditional country." She grew up on Prince Edward Island and was exposed to country music from a very young age: as a child she spent most of her time at her grandparents' bar, where the jukebox constantly played hits by Hank

Mary Gauthier

Every day. Every single day, which means some days are better and some much worse. Every day, on average, twenty-two veterans commit suicide. Every day.That number does not include drug overdoses or car wrecks or any of the more inventive ways somebody might less obviously choose to die.It seems trivial to suggest those lives might

The Blasters

The Blasters exemplify the best traditions of American Music, performing with passion and honesty that for over three decades has won the hearts and souls of fans worldwide. Composed of founding members vocalist-guitarist Phil Alvin, drummer Bill Bateman and bassist John Bazz with Keith Wyatt on guitar, they carry on a hard-won legacy as one

Seamus Fogarty

“You know when a song is good enough to let go,” muses Seamus Fogarty of his patient and meticulous approach to songcraft. Over time and tide it’s given rise to the London-based Irish alt-folk and electronica alchemist’s truly magnificent second album and Domino debut The Curious Hand. A record not born of grand ideas realised

Birds of Chicago

In so many ways, we are a word weary culture, ever searching for ways to communicate in fewer and fewer words, letters, syllables...Our online, blogged out, you-tubed attention spans are truncated and fragmented like never before. Birds of Chicago, the collective centered around Allison Russell and JT Nero, reassert the simple notion - radical in
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The word “extraordinary” is defined as something beyond, amazing, or incredible. The word “extralife” doesn’t exist. But in the world of Darlingside—another previously non-existent word—it’s all about invention, expansion, and elevating everything into the realm of the extraordinary both conceptually and through musical performance. The band’s new album Extralife intensifies the journey begun on its

Holly Macve

A heavenly voice couched in spell-binding country & western ballads, with a devastating emotional delivery: Holly Macve is…



ARBORIST released their debut album Home Burial in November 2016 to critical acclaim. UNCUT8/10 “A…


Andrew Combs

“Ever heard of a happy song?” That question is posed to Andrew Combs in “Rainy…


David Kitt

David Kitt is an Irish musician/producer that crosses multiple genres. David’s father and uncles formed…


The Americans

The Americans perform original rock & roll with deep roots in traditional American music. They…


John Blek

John Blek’s second full length solo album. “Cut The Light” is a collection of 11 songs recorded at…


Paul Cauthen

Paul Cauthen remembers sitting alone in an Austin house after a weekend-long bender. A life…


Joan Shelley

Joan Shelley quickly followed her acclaimed 2014 album Electric Ursa with Over and Even, a…

2017 Chip Taylor

Chip Taylor

Songwriters Hall of Fame 2016 inductee Chip Taylor has been writing and performing for nearly…

2017 The Handsome Family

The Handsome Family

For The Handsome Family music is a safe place to express ‘terrifying things’ — Fresh Air…

2017 Marah


“With Angels of Destruction!, Philly natives Dave and Serge Bielanko, and their band have cranked…

2017 Carter Sampson

Carter Sampson

Carter Sampson is an Okie-born singer/songwriter with a big voice. The Oklahoma City-based artist is…


Yola Carter

Yola Carter is a UK born country-soul singer-songwriter. Raised in a small seaside town just…

2016 Malojian


“I love your music” Bob Harris, BBC Radio 2 “I’m completely obsessed” Gary Lightbody (Snow…

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