Prinz Grizzley

Appeared in - 2018

Prinz Grizzley dug down in the rich grits of good ol ‘country, folk and blues. The more he dug, the more he returned, back home to rural feelings that bound him to his roots in western Austria. Surrounded by rugged wild country, with God-loving, hard-working folk, who are living in the country and who are looking for inspiration for their songs. his music has found its way – based on inspirations and his life’s personal journeys.

In the forest, there would be no tree without roots. Prinz Grizzley has dealt with many different roots. He knows where the blues come from and dug deep in the country. So long, until under the fingernails hardly more space for even more fertile soil was. When he had absorbed the feeling of the soul of this music, he found himself increasingly confronted with his own roots, his homeland, the west of Austria. Surrounded by mountains, forests, stubbornness, the warmth of heart, religiosity and part of a very simple life, he found inspiration for songs that could have also originated over the pond, a little southern. Americana Music filtered and nourished by the ground on which he stands!