Peter Broderick

Appeared in - 2009

 In 2007 Peter joined Danish experimental rock group Efterklang as its violinist. Earlier this year, he released his gorgeous, full-length debut, Float, comprised of string and piano compositions. But his new sophomore album, Home, takes Broderick’s music in a new direction. He’s given up the piano and violin on Float for soothing acoustic guitar and ethereal folk melodies.
“This is a magical album. All we have here is voice and guitar. Hearing Broderick sing and play guitar is like hearing Mark Kozelek: everything is so powerful, so artfully placed, so right, you can’t imagine where a drumbeat, say, or a bass line could possibly go. We stumble on moments that recall the magnificence of Simon & Garfunkel at their peak (Below It; With the Notes in My Ears).” 5 Stars Sunday Times.