Lewis & Leigh

Appeared in - 2016

Wales and Mississippi’s Lewis & Leigh, respectively, released their sophomore EP, Missing Years, a month ago to the day. A four song set of 3 originals and a Coldplay cover that almost made me enjoy the band, almost. If Coldplay consistently sounded like Lewis & Leigh, they’d have a fan in me.

Ironically connecting through their Nashvillian connections, Alva Leigh found herself jumping the pond to join Al Lewis to fan the songwriting spark that formed on their first EP, 2014’s Night Drives. If this is an example of what’s to come, consider it a move well worth it. From the minimalist poppy folk of “Devils In The Detail” to the smoky jazz lounge tinge of “Late Show”, Lewis & Leigh’s talents are on full-fanned display. Their voices perfect together like butter on a biscuit, slick arrangements and powerful melodies with a true pop sensibility, although not contrived but completely organic.
Lewis & Leigh make as teemed a video collaboration as they do with audio treats. The first video for “Devil’s In The Detail” was filmed in an old Suffolk mansion on an 8mm app, a visual feast in itself. Backed by a video for “Rubble” that paints the heartbroken pictures of both south Wales’ valleys and those of Mississippi after Katrina’s unabashed stop over, you’ve been warned…