David Kitt

Appeared in - 2017

David Kitt is an Irish musician/producer that crosses multiple genres.
David’s father and uncles formed a successful touring folk group when he was young so he grew up surrounded by music, and he himself began performing live sets while studying music technology at Trinity College, Dublin. He recorded and mixed the seven tracks of his debut release in his bedroom and this debut LP, the quietly magnetic Small Moments (Rough Trade) was followed by the expansive ambient textures and looping pop mantras of The Big Romance (Blanco y Negro, 2001); his biggest selling record.
During this period he extensively toured the UK and mainland Europe, gracing the stage with record collection heroes such as Television, Yo La Tengo, Arab Strap and Tindersticks, and was invited by David Bowie to perform at the Bowie curated Meltdown Festival at Royal Festival Hall in 2002.
Then came Square One (WEA) in 2003; the soundtrack to falling in love, and The Black & Red Notebook (Rough Trade, 2005) which was, quite simply, a covers album. A snapshot tribute to a record collection, with fascinating gimmick-free Kitt-style workovers of Sonic Youth, Thin Lizzy, JJ Cale et al. 2006’s return to original material, Not Fade Away (Rough Trade) captured an artist dealing with the post-relationship whirlwind of excess and contemplation.

His most recent album is The Nightsaver, his sixth LP. The result of two years of late-night experimentation caught in the reverie of writing and recording in a home studio at the top of a winding staircase somewhere along Dublin’s Grand Canal. Without any of the baggage of collaboration or record company influence he allowed his natural influences to filter through this collection of what are concise, modern pop-songs. The free-flowing nuances of disco, Kraftwerk, 90’s house music, hip-hop of all eras and the evolving legacy of crafted synth-pop from Hall & Oates to Junior Boys can be heard throughout.
In addition, David has recently released an string of electronic 12″s as New Jackson on labels including Hivern, Permanent Vacation and Major Problems. He is also a previous member of Tindersticks (on their 2010 ‘Falling Down A Mountain’ album and tour) and a previous member of David Gray’s touring band.
He looks to release his new album Yous digitally on the 1st of January 2017. Pre-orders will be available from the 10th November 2016. A vinyl release of the album will be available later in 2017.