Bob Frank and John Murry

Appeared in - 2007

“World Without End”, their first album together has just been released on Decor Records. It is a collection of ten murder ballads co-written by Bob Frank and John Murry that was produced by Tim Mooney of American Music Club and mastered by Matt Pence of Centromatic. Bob Frank released his first album on the Vanguard label in 1972 before disappearing for over 30 years and will play his first ever European concerts at the festival. He is accompanied by John Murry, grandson of William Faulkner. “A dazzling collection of blasted country folk and grimly haunting murder ballads. Legendary producer Jim Dickinson describes the record as “timeless as death” and Frank as “the greatest songwriter you never heard”. On the evidence of this, Jim’s right on both counts.” UNCUT Magazine.