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Name and order number needed if collecting tickets at the Box Office

Rollercoaster Music  |  Kieran Street, Kilkenny, Ireland.  |  Tel: +353 56 77 636 69


fri28apr7:30 pmWestern Centuries7:30 pm Billy Byrnes

fri28apr9:00 pmJoan Shelley9:00 pm Ryans Bar

fri28apr10:30 pmThe Americans10:30 pm Cleeres Bar & Theatre

sat29apr1:00 pmThe Americans1:00 pm Cleeres Bar & Theatre

sat29apr3:00 pmJohn Blek3:00 pm Ryans Bar

sat29apr3:00 pmJoan Shelley3:00 pm Billy Byrnes

sat29apr4:30 pmWestern Centuries4:30 pm Kyteler's Inn

sat29apr5:00 pmCarter Sampson5:00 pm Pumphouse

sat29apr6:00 pmHolly Macve6:00 pm Billy Byrnes

sat29apr9:00 pmArborist9:00 pm Cleeres Bar & Theatre

sat29apr9:00 pmMarah9:00 pm Kyteler's Inn

sat29apr11:00 pmYola Carter11:00 pm Set Theatre

sun30apr1:00 pmAndrew Combs1:00 pm Cleeres Bar & Theatre

sun30apr2:00 pmCarter Sampson2:00 pm Ryans Bar

sun30apr3:00 pmChip Taylor3:00 pm Set Theatre

sun30apr5:00 pmArborist5:00 pm Ryans Bar

sun30apr5:00 pmPaul Cauthen5:00 pm Billy Byrnes

sun30apr7:00 pmThe Handsome Family7:00 pm GMT Watergate Theatre

sun30apr9:00 pmHolly Macve9:00 pm Cleeres Bar & Theatre

sun30apr9:00 pmYola Carter9:00 pm Kyteler's Inn

sun30apr11:00 pmMarah11:00 pm Set Theatre


mon1may1:00 pmPaul Cauthen1:00 pm Pumphouse

mon1may4:00 pmDavid Kitt4:00 pm Cleeres Bar & Theatre

mon1may9:00 pmAndrew Combs9:00 pm Kyteler's Inn

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